Hillary Atiyeh Clements (Current Exhibition)

December 30 – February 2, 2018

Chaos Theory
Portland, Oregon photographer Hillary Atiyeh Clements’ exhibit, “Chaos Theory”, is a new series of black and white double exposures. Atiyeh Clements notes, “Chaos Theory is a branch of science based on the law of sensitive dependence on initial conditions. Rooted in quantum theory and relativity its main premise states that small changes in initial conditions can result in vast differences in the final outcome. This theory includes concepts such as Fractals, the Butterfly Effect and the Fibonacci sequence. Nature finds a way and adapts to its environment in the simplest form even though the underlying system may seem complex.” Reaching back to her roots as a photographer Atiyeh Clements approached this series of in-camera multiple exposures thinking about symbiotic relationships and looking for patterns in nature while enjoying the spontaneous and unpredictable outcome of this process.

Hillary Atiyeh Clements notes, “In spite of being raised in New York City I have always felt a strong connection with nature and the desire to wander off alone into the unknown. While in college my first photography course was studying Zoology and Ecology. I saw the potential to combine these two areas of study into a meaningful way of life and earned a BA in Photography with a minor in Zoology from The Ohio State University.

“I started my career at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources as a photography intern then worked in photographic labs printing from color negatives and making B&W custom enlargements. Eventually, I set off on a yearlong camping trip to explore the western United States with my camera, hungry for discovery and adventure.

“Upon moving to Portland my first job was as an aerial photographer. Seeing the extensive clear cutting of Oregon’s National Forests from a bird’s-eye view inspired me to photograph for local and national nonprofit environmental organizations on issues surrounding logging, habitat, water and wildlife. I started to practice SCUBA and underwater photography in 2000 and helped organizations promote awareness of the world’s oceans and waterways. During the time I lived in Eugene, I taught photography classes at the University of Oregon. Recently I led nature-based workshops and created several fine art photography series, which includes abstract underwater nudes, at Breitenbush Hot Springs.

“I engage in the art of photography because I love it and continue to be fascinated by the world’s creatures and the relationship of humans, around the globe, to the natural environment. Aspiring to attain a deeper level of photographic creativity, I let intuition guide me to find new ways to experiment and play, often abandoning rules, pushing my own boundaries and attempting to accentuate the positive in everything I do.”

Atiyeh Clements has won numerous awards, had solo exhibits and participated in group exhibitions around the globe including Barcelona, Spain and Guatemala City, Guatemala. Her work has been included in Burn Magazine, Black & White, National Geographic Traveler, Time Magazine, Washington Post and other print and online publications.



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