Bill Finger

November 25 – December 29

Transit of Venus

Seattle, Washington photographer, Bill Finger is an artist whose work combines sculpture and photography. Meticulously handcrafting each element, he constructs and then photographs miniature dioramas. Each image is imbued with a sense of cinematic narrative that reflects twenty years working around film sets. By mimicking the filmmaking process he is able to create miniature constructions of a constructed reality. As with film sets each diorama exists solely in service of the image. Once photographed the diorama is disassembled and discarded.

For Transit of Venus, Finger holds to a cinematographer’s sense of light when creating images for the black and white triptychs. Each group of photographs creates a quiet narrative that references home, travel, astronomy and the night sky. Drifting through the landscape, perceptions of time passing become fluid. Time seems to stretch or shrink dependent upon surroundings and modes of travel. Juxtaposed to images of travel are moments remembered. These are the quiet memories of home that can create longing. Longing is time’s constant companion but the rivers of time never allow us to go back.

Bill Finger, notes, “Using the Voyager Space Probes as a metaphor, Transit of Venus is an exploration of the human desire to search beyond one’s self. While embracing the quiet solitude of the search, perception of time slows. Once beyond the obvious realm, the exploration becomes an act of looking inward while embracing that which is beyond. To explore is to drift through time.”

Bill Finger has exhibited his photographs in both the United States and Canada. His work is included in the permanent collections of the George Eastman Museum of Photography and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Finger holds a MFA in Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology.


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