Bernard C. Meyers

March 2 – March 29, 2019

Urban Abstracts

Bernard C. Meyers notes, “I want to rattle the bones of a building, shake common perceptions of concrete reality. I want the temporal elements shifting between both the original architecture and my imagination. For me the higher ground of art has always been occupied by the unexplainable, the abstract.

“I see architecture as possibilities, as material to mold and shape. My intent is to uncover uncommon collisions of color and form, to exemplify texture and the rearrangement of line. I am building and deconstructing simultaneously. I want the original geometric intentions of the structure to find new life. I want these elements to discover a new context, a world off kilter, where conventional space is fraught; as if caught between like ends of magnets.



Camerawork Gallery
Located in Lorenzen Conference Center, Legacy Medical Center Campus
301 N. Graham Street, Portland, Oregon 97227

Enter outdoor plaza and Lorenzen Conference Center. Camerawork Gallery is located on the lower level. ADA accessible.

Free off-street and street parking available.

Served by TriMet Routes 4, 24 and 44.


9am – 6pm Monday – Saturday
10am – 4pm Sunday
Free admission

Free street and off-street parking.

Served by TriMet Routes 4, 24 and 44.


Director, Sharon Lavier O’Keefe


Mailing Address: PO Box 6628, Portland, OR 97228


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