About the Gallery

The exhibition area is a single wall with excellent, even LED lighting illuminating the exhibit without shadows. The gallery is open, light and spacious and has blinds covering the windows to diffuse ambient light and protect the work.. The exhibit wall is covered with a neutral gray carpeting, over plywood, which insures a secure method of installation—and there’s never a damaged or patched wall behind the exhibit. 

We offer a complimentary mounting system of glass that accommodates matted work sized to fit the 24” x 18” glass, held to the mounting surface with mirror clips. We also have available 8 pieces of plexiglass, 43” wide X 33” high, suitable for mounting an installation of horizontal work only. This mounting system is also provided free of charge.

Some artists prefer to exhibit framed work, use their own custom system or exhibit work that’s unusually sized, or not sized to one of the gallery’s complimentary mounting systems.  We’re happy to discuss alternative methods of installation, however, the cost of mounting custom installations is borne by the photographer.

Since Camerawork Gallery does not take a sales commission, we ask a little more of our exhibitors. Specifically, our exhibitors are responsible for mounting and removing their exhibit—or they have the option to contract the service of our expert installers.


Artist Talks

Artist talks are held in the beautiful auditorium located adjacent to the Exhibition area.

There is a podium and a complete Audio-Visual system available for projected presentations. The auditorium system accommodates both Windows and Mac computers and is also set-up for sound. 

Use of the auditorium is free for the exhibiting photographer.



All receptions are hosted by the exhibiting photographer.

We provide, free of charge, use of the gallery for photographer receptions.


Exhibit Promotion

We send out Press Releases to local newspapers, magazines and various photo-related newsletters and organizations.

We print and mail, at no expense to you, 250 deluxe sized, full-color postcards to our extensive mailing list.

We provide a supply of promotional postcards to local galleries and related businesses supporting photographic artists.

We provide, free of charge, up to 50 postcards for your personal use.

All gallery sales are handled directly between the photographer and the buyer.

Camerawork Gallery takes no sales commission.