John Wimberley

January 4 – January 31, 2020

“The rock art depicted in this exhibition is situated along east-facing, lichen covered basalt rims During the afternoons the rims are in shade. Shiny surfaces reflect the blue northeast sky, and matte surfaces are often tinted by golden, smoky light from forest fires. They are situated in an exquisite, minimalist high-desert landscape that once was forested. The land misses those people who were present for more than 13,000 years. This exhibition is a tribute to them.”



John Wimberley was born in Bermuda during 1945. In 1966, he began photographing while working on the flight deck of a US Navy aircraft carrier. Since then, his photographs have appeared in nearly one hundred exhibitions, multiple international publications, and are found in many hundreds of public and private collections around the world. He has taught many workshops, primarily his “Sight & Insight” program which was extremely popular.  

In 2010, Wimberley received the Oliver Award from the American Rock Art Research Association for his self-published book of American Indian petroglyphs titled Evidence of Magic. During 2011, Wimberley was one of eight photographers invited to participate in the first-ever exhibition of American landscape photography in Moscow, Russia. At present, Wimberley has given up teaching and continues to devote his time to photography.