Sue Bailey

November 30, 2019 – January 3, 2020

They exude a mystery and magic often unnoticed during the day. Oddly, they feel more alive at their most artificial. There’s undeniable soul in these trees. I see them as protectors and guardians at times. There’s one on Riverside Drive that I call “My Guy” (he’s in the show!) That approaches what I aim to reveal and communicate: the trees have spirit and their relationship with us is as co-creators and beings who deserve mutual love and respect.”


Sue Bailey is a New York-based artist who for the past few years has focused on shooting trees at night in NYC and other cities. She was raised on the coast of Oregon and in Portland, hence her deep love and appreciation of nature. She is a graduate of Cooper Union School of Art in NYC, where she studied painting and other fine arts. Her photographs have been in various group shows around the country, most recently at the Davis Orton Gallery in Hudson, NY.  She was the subject of a highly unusual (for them) article in the online magazine for Nat Geo called, “The Singular Drama of New York Trees.” Before focusing solely on her photography, Sue was a Vice President at HBO, working on some of the great TV (or it’s Not TV?) shows of all time. Sue has continued her studies and work at International Center of Photography in NYC.