Zeb Andrews

December 1 – January 4, 2019
Artist Talk, 3pm-4pm, Saturday, December 1
followed by Artist Reception, 4pm-5:30pm


Made predominantly using a Hasselblad camera older than he is, and with B&W film, “Sea” represents a portion of the Pacific Ocean images that reflect Andrews attempts to understand and explain his relationship with the ocean.  Visiting in a variety of weather, returning again and again, and using neutral density filters to lengthen the time he stands there watching the waves, “Sea” contains images that explore where our coastline and the ocean meet over spans of time and year-round.  His images capture tranquility as well as tempestuousness; they invoke beauty but also caution and danger.  Their scope ranges from stretches of coast reaching miles into the distance, to smaller and more intimate nooks along the shoreline.  Through it all, “Sea” offers  a glimpse of many different oceans—each with a different emotional resonance for Andrews.


Zeb Andrews has lived the entire 40 years of his life in the Pacific Northwest and within easy distance of the Pacific Ocean. Most of his photographic life has been spent on its windswept shores, breathing its salty air and making photographs to slowly piece together the puzzle of what it all means to him. Andrews is many other things, just as the ocean can be many things, but this is the facet of himself he would most have you know. At least for now. 

This will be Andrews second solo exhibit at Camerawork Gallery.  He held his first-ever solo exhibit at Camerawork Gallery in February, 2008. More of Zeb’s work can be found on his website at www.zebandrews.com, he can also be e-mailed at zeb@zebandrews.com